The Prince

Bruce Willis and John Cusack in a straight to video thriller? Yes, please.

When Paul's (Jason Patric) daughter, Beth, disappears from her college life, Paul begins an independent investigation. While searching for Beth, Paul meets Angela who knows just enough information to become Paul's sidekick while continuing his search. Partnering up, Paul and Angela make their way to New Orleans where it appears that Beth has fallen under the wing of various drug dealers.

                                               "I'm just your average blue-collar, hard-working, lovable dad who has
                                                               a cache full of weapons, marksman-like aim and tactical gear that will
                                                               make the ATF take notice."

Paul knows being in New Orleans is dangerous as a man from his past, Omar, awaits Paul's return to avenge a tragedy in Omar's life. Not to be deterred, Paul teams up with Sam, (John Cusack) a contact from his past to help protect Angela, but to also assist in helping locate Beth. All these cliched plot points eventually meet up and become one predictable cliche-filled movie.

Also, 50 Cent shows up playing a character named: The Pharmacy.

                                          50 Cent after reading the script for 'The Prince'.

Opening with a redundant and unnecessary flashback, the film never improves. Jason Patric's Paul starts out as a blue-collar mechanic, but is more than he appears. The script by Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore never makes an attempt to elevate this standard crime film above mediocre. The Prince is filled with mediocre as the writers, director and actors seem uninterested and looking forward to cashing their paychecks.

Jason Patric stars and has the burden of having to carry the whole film on his shoulders. The weight crumbles under his attempt to pull the film through. Never showing much interest or threatening menace, Paul comes off more as just a grunting, angry father who just so happens to fire guns and is lucky to be missed by every bad guy and henchman trying to kill him.

                                          A behind the scenes shot of John Cusack being informed that unlimited whisky
                                                        was not in his movie contract.

Coming off even worse is John Cusack as Sam. Looking like the crew just woke John Cusack up, all of Sam's brief screen time takes place at the same hotel with Sam either holding booze or a cigar in hand. Which I guess explains why John Cusack took the role. Free suite at a hotel with unlimited booze and cigars and I don't even have to try? Sign me up! - John Cusack.

The Prince is not the worst film ever made, but is so forgettable and offers the viewer nothing new. So, why bother watching when no one involved in the film bothered to try.

                                          "Straight-to-video or not, my fee is still a million dollars a day. $1.5 million
                                                        with the goatee." - Bruce Willis


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