31 In 31: Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight

Seeing as we had a Tales From The Crypt ripoff reviewed, why not review a Tales From The Crypt film.

Frank Brayker (William Sadler) is on the run from The Collector (Billy Zane). In Frank's possession is an artifact shaped like a key. Taking shelter in a boarding house with a various assortment of cliches, including: ex-con Jeryline, (Jada Pinkett) town drunk Uncle Willie, (Dick Miller) antagonistic cook Roach (Thomas Haden Church) and boarding house owner Irene (CCH Pounder).

Meanwhile, The Collector notifies two police officers that Frank is a threat. The three then head out and locate Frank. Before long, The Collector reveals himself to be evil by killing one of the officers and demanding the key artifact. Frank uses a liquid inside the artifact to keep The Collector at bay. The Collector then summons his own batch of demons to invade the boarding house and retrieve the key at any cost.

This is a fun little film that takes the best elements from the Tales From The Crypt television show and incorporates them into a film. You got yourself over the top violence, random sex, swearing and an entertaining plot.... even if it makes no sense.

The plot consists of something about demons roaming the world in darkness and using seven of the key artifacts to control the power. God intervened and scattered the keys so that light in the world... you know what, instead here is the back story from Wikipedia: "Following the creation of Earth by God, there were demons in the darkness who used seven keys for focus the power of the cosmos into their hands. When discovered, God created light that scattered the demons and the keys across the universe. The artifact that Brayker holds is the last key they need to reclaim power, and to protect it God had a thief named Sirach fill the artifact with the blood of Jesus Christ at the crucifixion, which is what creates the seals that repel the demons and prevents them from touching it. The guardians of the key, immortal while holding it, have since been passing it on, refilling it with their own blood when they die; Brayker received the key from his superior officer duringWorld War I"

Still makes no sense, but what does it matter? When you go to a movie with Tales From The Crypt in the title, you don't go for plot. Instead, the movie delivers on many of its (low) standards and promises. The film is not longer than it should be and all the actors in this film seem to know what type of film they are in as all of them have fun with their roles.

The role of roles though, goes to Billy Zane's Collector. I know I can be crucified for this, but Zane's performance steals the show so much, it could almost be Oscar-worthy. This is the role Billy Zane was made for and he embellishes every second of it. Using his persuasiveness, The Collector is equal parts charming, funny, terrifying or combinations of both. This is truly Billy Zane's film.

In the end, this is an awful movie, but for a Tales From The Crypt movie, this is top notch. With decent directing from Ernest Dickerson, an imaginative (if convoluted) plot and all actors bringing fun to the movie, this is a very entertaining affair.

Plus, Billy Zane is truly amazing in this film.

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