31 In 31: The Thing

I know I have been away for a while. Things have come up and have taken my time away from reviews, but I will try to provide some 31 In 31 reviews plus a couple of new films as well.

Onward, though, with one of the greatest horror films of all time: John Carpenter's The Thing.

Kurt Russell stars as R.J. MacReady; helicopter pilot for Antarctic research facility Outpost 31. Him and a various assortment of blue collar workers are doing research when their work is interrupted by the appearance of local Norwegian scientists.

The scientists are vigorously pursuing a dog in their helicopter, using a sniper rifle and dynamite. The helicopter and its pilot are blown up while the rifleman wounds a member of Outpost 31 before being killed by station commander Garry (Donald Moffat). The dog survives and becomes close to loner, Clark (Richard Masur).

Unknown to the inhabitants of Outpost 31, that the dog is an alien that has assimilated the dog and can imitate anything it touches. Before long, The Thing begins taking shape of some of the residents of Outpost 31, prompting paranoia amongst the rest over who is human.

Why am I going over the plot for this film? This is a brilliant film directed by John Carpenter and should be watched immediately if not seen before. The amount of dread and paranoia that John Carpenter, the actors and film crew are able to produce is amazing in itself. The film is mainly contained to within the confines of Outpost 31.

We are subjected to spending time with the few members of Outpost 31, not knowing if we are watching the actual character, or a Thing. And that is the main reason for the power of this film. We, the audience, never know who is who. Even at the end, doubts linger as to who might still be The Thing, if anyone at all.

Top that off with a great, bleak ending, you have yourself a great horror film that should be seen. And if you have seen it, certainly warrants repeat viewings.


  1. Without a doubt my favorite Carpenter and one of my top 5 favorite horror movies!

    1. Have to agree with everything you said. And couldn't have said any of it better!