Dallas Buyers Club

The film that transformed Matthew McConaughey into an Academy Award winner.

Set during the 1980's, Ron Woodruff (Matthew McConaughey) lives a wild lifestyle of having unprotected sex with prostitutes and being a rodeo enthusiast. After an accident at work, Ron discovers that he has AIDS and is only given 30 days to live. He initially approaches Dr. Eve Saks (Jennifer Garner) about getting an FDA approved drug called AZT. Her boss Dr. Sevard (Denis O'Hare) leads the group for clinical trials of AZT.

Once on the drug, Ron discovers that his body is worsening quicker than usual. Finding out that AZT appears to do more harm than good, Ron goes to Mexico and meets with Dr. Vass (Griffin Dunne) who informs Ron that AZT kills the cells in one's body. Dr. Vass instead gives Ron alternative drugs that are not FDA approved. The unauthorized drugs appear to work and Ron begins to transport the drugs over the Mexico border for his use and to sell to others who also are infected by HIV. One of those infected, a transgender woman named Rayon, (Jared Leto) butts heads with Ron.

Eventually, the two form an uneasy alliance to sell the non-FDA approved drugs under the moniker of the Dallas Buyers Club for $400 a month. Dr. Saks eventually sees the negative side effects to AZT while also seeing that the non-FDA approved drugs do appear to be helping those suffering from HIV. Dr. Sevard does not see eye-to-eye with Dr. Saks or Ron and tries to shut down the Dallas Buyers Club.

This is a film that is really all about the performances. The script really didn't do much for me, and am surprised the script got an Oscar nomination. Enough can't be said, though, for the performances of Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey. Leto disappears into the role of the wise Rayon, who knows that she is on borrowed time, yet is trying to do what she can. McConaughey puts his own spin on the stereotypical anti-gay man who must bond with those he does not get along with, role. Both roles were deserving of their nominations and awards.

As stated, the story is nothing you haven't seen before, but anchored by two solid performances, this is a film that should be seen to see how Matthew McConaughey is becoming one of this generation's better actors.


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